More care.
Less administration.

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The Challenge

Although Sweden has the most doctors per capita, the country is at the bottom of the league in terms of appointments.

One of the reasons is that doctors spend their time dealing with administration instead of patients. This has been shown by a number of researchers. And the doctors agree.

The solution is not additional complicated systems, but rather more effective use of existing systems and personnel. This frees up resources that can be used to create more and better care.

More care through less administration, quite simply. And we know how to achieve this.

Henric Carlsson CEO and founder of Conscriptor


The Solution

Medical record management

High care quality and patient safety require the rapid transformation of dictation into quality medical records. Outsourcing record management helps you fulfill the requirements set by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare.

Medical secretaries

Medical secretaries can shoulder some of the doctors' administrative tasks. At present, their work situation is extremely splintered. Outsourcing some of the secretaries' repetitive chores frees up time.

IT support

Although the Swedish health care system uses more than 20 different medical record systems, efficiency is not increasing. So more systems is not the solution, but using existing systems the right way is.


Today's manual systems offer insufficient capacity. In the next phase, systems must deliver a high enough level of speech recognition to directly translate speech into medical records. A simple check is then sufficient to ensure the quality of the text.

Operation analysis

No two operations are alike. As such, a thorough analysis is required to find the exact organization and division of labor that suits an operation with varying needs.

Data analysis

Studying hundreds of thousands of medical records reveals common patterns, which can provide a basis for templates and aids for patient interviews and dictation. The data is there – we just have to use it.



Traditional dictation, smartphone, MedSpeech – whichever system your operation uses, we ensure that the doctors have the necessary tools to dictate quickly and correctly. We also develop the tools of the future with systems based on advanced speech recognition that only require simple fact checking – no time-consuming signing off.

Medical records

Free your secretaries from boring repetitive chores. Instead, let them unburden the doctors so they can see more patients. We can take care of all or parts of your medical record production – all according to your needs, of course. If you want to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, we can monitor the system daily, writing up the necessary records.


Would you like to spend more time seeing patients? Then let us take care of incoming calls and appointments. Regardless of whether we are to take care of all calls or to simply flatten the peaks, your costs are cut. Professionally-managed incoming calls result in higher availability, which is demanded by patients and the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare alike.


We analyze how time is used at your unit and suggest changes in different areas, from the division of labor and procedures to equipment and staffing. This analysis is included for customers who use our services. With medical records from your and other operations as a basis, we create new tools that doctors can use to improve care quality, refine medical record management, and speed dictation.

About Conscriptor

Nine years ago, Henric Carlsson highlighted the problem of keeping medical record systems current. At the time, he was working with the introduction of new drugs and was in daily contact with personnel at different levels of health care.

His ideas and thoughts were refined. By the spring of 2006, the time was ripe – Henric founded Conscriptor and started working with medical record management, with both on-site staffing and off-site medical record management.

Since then, Conscriptor has grown rapidly. Today, the company works with county councils, hospitals, and health care centers from Gällivare in the north of Sweden to Malmö in the south. Each year, Conscriptor's more than 200 medical secretaries write up as many as two million medical records for more than 4,000 different doctors. The latest addition was the acquisition of MedSpeech – specialists in speech recognition and an important part of the puzzle for the future Conscriptor.

Henric Carlsson's entrepreneurial spirit continues to flourish, such as through his broad involvement in health care, field-testing the future of patient-oriented administration. Conscriptor utilizes these experiences to further develop its services.

The enormous amounts of data generated by keeping medical records also offer the opportunity to reveal patterns, compile statistics, and develop tools to help the wheels of health care turn faster. A number of exciting tools are on their way to market.

Concentrating on what you do best and delegating peripheral services to specialists is nothing new. However, within health care it provides unusually large benefits. This is why we have coined a phrase that permeates everything Conscriptor does:

More care. Less administration.



We are looking for Sweden's best medical secretaries.

Are you fast and confident that what you write is correct? Do you understand dialects and different dictation methods? Would flexible work hours help you in your everyday life? Would you like to work undisturbed? 

As a medical secretary at Conscriptor, you are part of a team that writes up medical records for a number of clinics and health care centers. You work from home in a dedicated workspace. Many people find they can work more efficiently from home. A workplace has so many distractions, especially if you share office space. And you avoid almost all meetings when you telecommute.

Once you have the hang of it, you decide your salary – the more you write up, the more you earn. Naturally, this work model does not suit everyone. If you are someone who calls for help as soon as things start to go wrong, then this is probably not the job for you. If, on the other hand, you are independent, relatively well disciplined, and like to solve problems yourself – then please apply.

You must have worked as a medical secretary for a few years and hold the necessary qualifications. You are comfortable with the written word, are familiar with the medical terminology of different specialties, and can use several different medical record systems. Experience of DRG/KVA registration is an advantage.

Submit your application using our CV form: